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No Gas Protest in the Kimberley

We are heading to the Kimberley next week with our partners from Duke and Murdoch University.  Both Dave and Lars have forwarded us recent stories of the civil protests over the industrialization of the Kimberley around wealth extraction from the massive offshore gas reserves in the Timor Sea.   There is a proposed $40B LNG plant approval pending and the reaction to it has been strong and consistent by the local environmental group Save the Kimberley.   Here is the link to the Save The Kimberley’s Facebook page that tells the latest status of the protests again the Western Australia government’s plan for the the LNG plant buildup.

Below is a short video from June 2011 that shows the rage over the the industrialization of the Kimberley. Just this past week the gas companies have started moving heavy equipment and workers into the Kimberley. Over 100 police were brought in to protect the convoy.

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