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Ningaloo Marine Park

We have spent the last three days working out of Exmouth exploring the Ningaloo Marine Park. We did a helicopter survey of the North Cape Peninsula, a snorkel trip along the Ningaloo Reef out of Coral Bay and a dolphin spotting boat trip through the Murat, Bundegi and Lighthouse Sanctuary Zones. We have seen whales sharks, dugongs, dolphins, turtles and giant manta rays. Dave Johnston has called this place the last great marine wilderness and he is right about that. It is a specki (spectacular) place as the locals call it.

Our mission here is about empowering citizens to help protect this place using citizen science as a key part of the documentation of the ecosystem’s marine megafauna. Coupling citizen input with sound scientific interpretation and utilizing leading edge, open source spatial maps, everyone can contribute to protecting this amazing place.

Below is a short video of a manta ray filmed and edited by Andy Quinn. See what you think.

We are off to Port Hedland and Broome today to continue our push to engage citizens to protect Western Australia’s Northwest Coast. For more information check out other posts from Lars Bejder at Murdoch University and Dave Johnston at Duke.

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