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The Australian, Australia’s most important newspaper just published a story on the discovery of a potentially new dolphin species off the Kimberley coast.   Identified as a possible dwarf spinner dolphin, the article talks about how LNG plant builder Woodside spent $80M to do an environmental impact assessment regarding their planned $40B LNG plant.  Woodside did not find any evidence of this dolphin species.   We will see what the Australian agencies responsible for approving the LNG plant will say.  And for sure, Woodside and its partners Chevon and Exxon Mobil will wonder what went wrong in their EIA survey. Part of our work here is to bring attention to the low governmental requirements for development here in NW Australia.

The Australian article and video can be seen here.  Simon Allen, who did the field research, is featured in the article is traveling to Broome today to work with us this week.   We will report more after we interview Simon.

Also check out Dave Johnston’s recent uploads to the Ecosystem map.

Come in spinner _ The Australian

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