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Green-Black Conflict in the Kimberley


There is a great article in The Conversation, an Australian media website, that talks about the growing conflict between Aboriginal Clans of Australia and the Green Enviro organizations. The article can be read from here. The article was sent to me by Tim Dykman who runs the Ocean Revolution, a project sponsored as well by the Ocean Foundation.  It is worth a read since it describes a global trend of people choosing economic development over environmental protection.  I guess it is not surprising given the struggles from the 2008 economic crash.   And now in 2012, people are starting to step up on where they stand… and for a first time many are standing up against the traditional Green organizations.

You can also check out this letter to Pew about their support of Arctic Drilling in a deal with Ken Salazar.   You can read the challenge to Rebecca Rimel, President of Pew and see what you think.  There is merit in the letter’s author about mission and keeping “pure” but like the new famous series of novels – Shades of Grey, we are seeing shades of grew in how we all consider environmental protection and the desire to have a stronger economy.

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