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Cygnet Bay and Citizen Science

We arrived yesterday afternoon here in Cygnet Bay and made it to the famous Cape Leveque for the sunset. Located at the top of the Dampier Pennisula, this is really the beginning of rugged coastal Kimberley.  The Kimberley coastline covers over 14,000 kilometers as you head NorthEast toward Darwin and the region is only accessible by boat or plane.  There is really just one road thru the Kimberley. But Cape Leveque is known for its beautiful sunsets against the rocks.

But the real reason we are here is to meet with James Brown, a third generation pearler who runs Cygnet Bay Pearls.   James, who is trained as a marine biologist, also started the Kimberley Marine Research Station in the same location as the pearl operations.  We are here to talk about our citizen science project with him and his team and see if we can engage him and the Bardi Jaawi Rangers to work with the Murdoch team and Blue Cloud to collect citizen science data here.   We have more work to do to show how and what can be accomplished with our project but our initial meetings today were positive.

We are hoping the Kimberley Marine Research Station can be a close partner for this project.   Their location is ideal to survey out north along the Kimberley coast by boat.


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