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Big step forward in Ocean Health

A recently published article in Nature describes a new tool to evaluate ocean health that takes the human factors into consideration. Unlike traditional special interest indexes that focus on either wealth extraction or MPAs, this one covers all the factors – from commercial fishing to tourism to clean water to biodiversity. All this feels like a slow train to a good place and the lack of progress is centered solely on wealth extraction – both by corporations and NGOs and governments – all need money to run their business and keep their customers. Yea – a real business less to protect the shareholders but to protect jobs and livelyhoods.

I am happy to see it an it does represent a rational voice without special interest in balancing the ocean uses, needs of humans, protecting the planet and making profits from the ocean. Since we at MVF do not get paid to do this, we do not have a special interest. What’s is your special interest from the oceans? What’s it worth to you?

You can check out the article here in abstract form.  And to read an article on nature without a subscription will set you back $32 for just this article (or $200 for full access for a year).  Guess everybody needs to make a living off the oceans.  See what you think.

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