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Arctic Row Expedition begins


The Arctic Row Expedition has begun.   Follow them on their Facebook page. Here is a recent post from their blog:

Arctic Row 2012 is under way!

At 1:39 PM (MDT) the Arctic Row team rowed out into the waters of the Mackenzie River from the Town Boat Launch in Inuvik NWT, with Paul Ridley and Neal Mueller at the oars.

Before their launch the crew, including rowers Collin West and Scott Mortensen, received a thorough briefing from the Canadian Coast Guard officials regarding their route through the Mackenzie Delta to the Beaufort Sea; two members of the Canadian Search and Rescue Service also stopped by to wish the crew well as they began their 2,000km journey. A small crowd of townspeople also gathered to watch the launch.

The weather is promising, and all were in good spirits as they surmounted several days of logistical delays and began their history-making attempt to become the first to row, non-stop and unsupported, across the Arctic Ocean from one continent to another.

The team and their families thank everyone for their support and well-wishes. We’re overwhelmed!

Photos of the launch will follow…


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