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A Question of Balance

BlueCloud’s Tom McMurray was a guest on the Australian radio show A Question of Balance host by Ruby Vincent. You can listen to the show here and also learn more about Ruby’s program here.  What I like about her show is its real world grass roots focus on the balance of family, community, culture and the environment.  It is not anti-environmentalist but rather pro community, positive and without the doom and gloom stories employed by most NGOs to maintain their membership base.

And part of the original mission of Marine Ventures and all its projects was to be independent of the environmental NGO community – self funded, no members, no external support required.  Donors by definition have a cause or a belief that helps direct their charitable donations.  We all know how this works and why at times, NGOs are forced to adapt programs to the donor’s interests. It the reality of the this business today more than ever.  I would venture to say that most NGOs receive more “contracts” where they deliver specific results to the funder rather than blind, good will donations.  Donors want results not good deeds. And this is only more difficult now with a larger, better funded group of anti-enviro set of funders.

I was very happy to participate in Ruby’s program and get the word out about our citizen science program in the Kimberley in NW Australia.  We are back in Perth, Broome and the Kimberley next month to continue our work.  Stay tuned for more.

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