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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Coastal Walkabout App & Kimberley

  The Coastal Walkabout app recently underwent initial testing in the Kimberley by MUCRU student Shona Wharton as part of a 10 day cruise along the Kimberley coast just a few weeks ago.  The app that is scheduled for full release for Android and iPhone in November, was put thru its paces aboard the MV […]

Bay Area Puma Project Begins in East Bay

  We have embarked on a new initiative here in the San Francisco Bay area called Bay Area Puma Project.  The project began in 2007 when Felidae Conservation Fund and its Scientific Advisors determined that what was needed to protect and sustain Bay Area puma populations was an innovative merging of scientific research and public education. […]

Midway Film Trailer by Chris Jordan

Sometimes we experience events and places on the planet and do not always grasp their significance to ourselves and others.  One such person is Chris Jordan who’s new film Midway documents the impact of the Pacific Garbage Patch on the albatross population in the NW Hawaiian Islands and Midway Island in particular.   You can […]

Gregg Treinish NatGeo Emerging Explorer

National Geographic named ASC’s Gregg Treinish an Emerging Explorer for 2013.   Gregg was NatGeo’s adventurer of the year back in 2008 after Gregg completed a 7,800 trek along the entire Andes Mountain.   This award reflects Gregg’s continued leadership in promoting science and conservation thru his Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, a nonprofit based […]

Coastal Walkabout App Beta

The Coastal Walkabout app is in beta now on Android and iOS.  I am expecting the full release to happen next month November in a big project launch in Perth at Murdoch University.  I will be there for sure!  After a short 18 months from the original idea and expedition, the team is ready to […]

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