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Monthly Archives: August 2012

White Marlin Tracks

We have been here in Ocean City, MD since last Wednesday fishing and tracking the white marlin population along the 1000 fathom line 75 miles East of here. We made three trips last week out there and caught and released 58 white marlin. Last Thursday, we caught and released 35 white marlin which we think […]

Big step forward in Ocean Health

A recently published article in Nature describes a new tool to evaluate ocean health that takes the human factors into consideration. Unlike traditional special interest indexes that focus on either wealth extraction or MPAs, this one covers all the factors – from commercial fishing to tourism to clean water to biodiversity. All this feels like […]

Arctic Row team on the edge

The challenge of doing something no one on the planet has ever done can only be understood from the eyes of the one involved. We have never funded any project where we felt danger was involved in the objective. These guys are experienced risk takers. Just hope they get some good weather, luck and make […]

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