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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pilbara Destruction or Beauty

Sometimes it is hard to tell where beauty ends and destruction begins.  At least from the air, everything has a view where it all looks beautiful. The flight from Exmouth, WA to Broome in May was both spectacular in the natural beauty of the Pilbara coastline and the powerful images of the iron ore industry […]

Down the Colorado update

We have not heard much from the four intrepid river explorers kayaking down the Colorado this summer but a few blog posts and pictures have emerged. We talked to them when they pulled out in Glenwood Springs for a few days to resupply and blog.  And we know that they are back on the river.  You […]

Arctic Row Expedition begins

  The Arctic Row Expedition has begun.   Follow them on their Facebook page. Here is a recent post from their blog: Arctic Row 2012 is under way! At 1:39 PM (MDT) the Arctic Row team rowed out into the waters of the Mackenzie River from the Town Boat Launch in Inuvik NWT, with Paul […]

Broome Aerials

We always find getting up into the air above a place provides perspective.  And in the case of Broome, WA, one can see the Kimberley for what it is – a vast flat savannah that borders an incredibly rich and diverse marine ecosystem.  We spent days on the water in small boats looking for the […]

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