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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Ningaloo Marine Park

We have spent the last three days working out of Exmouth exploring the Ningaloo Marine Park. We did a helicopter survey of the North Cape Peninsula, a snorkel trip along the Ningaloo Reef out of Coral Bay and a dolphin spotting boat trip through the Murat, Bundegi and Lighthouse Sanctuary Zones. We have seen whales […]

The Kimberley

The Kimberley is Australia’s wild side. Closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than to Sydney, the region is about the same size as either Japan or California. “The Kimberley WA is one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. Covering an expanse of nearly 423,000 square kilometres and with an estimated population of just 40,000 it has […]

Perth – City on Steroids

We arrived in Perth yesterday evening after flying halfway around the world from LAX. After 30 hours of flying and layovers, we were excited to be here but crashed hard in the hotel. We awoke on Thursday (we left Monday but lost May 22nd due to the International Date Line), coffee’d up and hit the […]

No Gas Protest in the Kimberley

We are heading to the Kimberley next week with our partners from Duke and Murdoch University.  Both Dave and Lars have forwarded us recent stories of the civil protests over the industrialization of the Kimberley around wealth extraction from the massive offshore gas reserves in the Timor Sea.   There is a proposed $40B LNG […]

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